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This giant bassin occupies 5% of the planet surface, produces 20% of the freshwater of the planet, and the 25% of the total oxigenof the planet, in it inhabities the 33% (50.000 species until today) of the total botanical species of the planet, 1/6 part of the biggest bassin in the world, 26% of the total world mammals species, 72% of the total bird world species, and 56% of the total freshwater fish species. There are an international & UK biosphere reserve, 7 nationals parks, 27 national natural monuments, 4 national rain-forests reserves, 1 freshwater-turtle national reserve, 20.000 kms of cruising water-ways, the first 4 higbest waterfalls in the world, 10 AmerIndian etnies and the only-one primitive existing yet: the Yanomami group.

Ciudad Bolívar, Orinoco River Front & Colonial Town
One hour flight from Caracas, located on the narrowest section of Orinoco River, is a historical city and a jewell of colonial times architecture. Since old times obligatory pass-over for wild species traders (existing yet) as Rubber, Balatá, Nutmegs, Merey-nuts, Latex, Chicle, Sarrapia, Quinine (today still a botanical extract worlwide base of malaria disease medicine), Cortex of Angostura (ingredient for the world famous Angostura Bitter discovered and manufacturated by J.T.B Siebert german doctor in XVIII century), well as some others pharmacological botanical species, and of course minerals as gold, diamond, quarz.

Puerto Ordaz, Caroni River Front City & Gate-Way to Gran Sabana
One hour flight from Caracas, set on the southern banks of the Orinoco at its confluence with the Caroní River, is the most important industrial centre in Venezuela where the giant strategic industries are located; iron, steell, aluminium, manganese, gold and diamond processing, hidroelectrical power, free.port. The old section of the city is known as San Felix dating from the XVI century and founded by spanich pioneers searching for gold. A particular anecdote is that on the corner of San Felix Church was executed by a local military platoon, after many years of man hunting, the son of the famous worldwide pirate Sir Walter Raleigh mistekenly taken by error for beeing the father.

Canaima National Park
Canaima’s giant National Park of 3 millions hectares, same area as Switzerland, located on the Table-Top mountain (“Tepuy” in Pemon’s indian language) region of Venezuela from 450 mts to 2810 mts at worlwide famous “cristal-mountain” Roraima-Tepuy, the oldest world formation: 2 billions years old (Pre-Cambrian Era). Inside the largest waterfalls in the world, Angels falls. Canaima’s lake is ideal for simultaneously resting, swimming and enjoying the jungle. Local canoes will take you on a scenic boat ride on the reddish coloured waters of the lake and near by rivers. Angel Falls river trip for adventurous spirits with desires to know this natural spectacle, 900 mts; Kavak Canyon is a crack into the Tepuy hides the wonderful small creck, Arekuna is a quiet white sandy beach near the confluence of rivers Cucurital & Caroní, approx. 56 kms far from Canaima Lake.

Gran Sabana
Amazon HighLands, Table-Top Mountains Area La Gran Sabana is one of the most spectacular highlands in the world, it is vast, wild (inhabitated by only 2% of the total country population), beautiful, empty and silent. Geographically it’s the high-lands portion of the Amazonia-Orinoquia Bassin; at an average elevation of 900 mts above sea level. Legendary and coveted land full of gold of “El Dorado”, was originary of the novels anf fiction storys as well “The Lost World” by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle. 35.000 sq kms of a rolling grassy highland with patchs of forests and impressive emergent table-top mountains (tepuy local indian’s name which means is houses of the gods), head-rivers, and water-falls.

Orinoco’s Delta
The Orinoco Delta covers an area of about 25.000 sq.kms, and infinity of channels ending at the Atlantic Ocean along some 360 kms of coast. The Delta of Orinoco of Orinoco is inahbited by Warao’s (traslate = the men of the canoes”) Amerindian people, the 2nd largest group in Venezuela (approx 24.000 persons). We’ll board a local out-board called Falca and the boating through a real Atlantic RainForest. We’ll cruise wide and narrow channels deep into the jungle, stopping by Warao indian’s authentic palaphitic settlements where we’ll look at and buy directly from their hands their handicraft production as well as hammocks, baskets, scale canoes, birds and animals carvings, collars and much more.

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