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Puerto La Cruz
Transfer Airport/Hotel (TRSINBLA)
International standard of ground transportation service, air-conditioning cars and coaches, bilingual guides. 20 kms aprox distance airport-city.
Half Day Tour
Historical & City Sightseeing (HDBLA-1)
After driving through Boulevard Paseo Colón for a panoramic view of the modern side of Puerto La Cruz we’ll continue to the old-colonial side of Barcelona. We’ll visit the old fortress, catedral, museum, theater, old train garage.
Full Day Tour
Full Day Boating Mochima (FDBLA-2)
Full day boat excursion visiting some islets and remote wild beaches. Cristal and turquoise waters great for diving, swimming or just only resting and sunbathing. Box-lunch and open bar of rum-gin cocktails included recreational trip.
Diving at Mochima (FDBLA-3)
Deep coast with rocky and coraline sub-marine landscapes. Many shipwrecks and caves available fo scouting during our diving day. Standard box-lunch and soft drinks to divers included.
Guacharo Caves (FDBLA-4)
Nearby Pto.La Cruz is the largest cave in Venezuela and 3rd in América with 11 kms large; as a National Park protected area. Called Guacharo for the indian name of nocturnal big-colony (thousands) of “old-bird” (as known by birdwatchers) inhabiting in it. Interesting & educative trip. Ecotourism qualification.
Tortuga Island (FDBLA-5)
At 8:oo am aproximately departure in charter for a 30 minutes flight to a unforgetable Virgin Island: La Tortuga. Before landing, overflight the island to admire the coral reef barrier and the cristalline water. Once there, we will go to the Refugio lodge, where with our guide we can go fishing, and with a little luck we could come back with a Barracuda or a Lobster. The rest of the day can be enjoyed by snorkeling in a beautiful beach of the east. We will have lunch based on fish at the shore. Return to Barcelona at 4:00 pm aproximately.

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