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Transfer Airport/Hotel (TRSINPMV)
International standard of ground transportation service, with air-conditioned cars and coaches, bilingual and multilingual guides. 20 kms approx distance airport Porlamar city, plus a few kilometers to get to hotels located on north-eastern side of island.
Half Day Tours
Porlamar (HDPMV-1)
Historical and city sightseeing. We’ll visit the spanish colonial heritage, our charming old city La Asunción, the old cathedral of Virgen del Valle, castles and fortresses which protected the past inhabitants, their proprieties and pearls fisheries from the pirates & filibustiers attacks, as Cap.Morgan & Sir Walter Raleigh.
Night Tour (HDPMV-2)
From the hotel, for a panoramic tour of the city at night. We’ll visit Mr Frogs and Pretty woman night clubs. Open bar on board but drinks are not included in the discos.
Horseback Riding (HDPMV-3)
Riding on horses along the Macanao Península among sand dunes and refreshing sea side.
Full Day Tour
Criss Crossing the Island (FDPMV-4)
A trip across the island visiting the castle of Santa Rosa in La Asunción, The National Park Cerro El Copey and the Basilic of the Virgin of the Holy Spirit Valley. Lunch at Parguito beach and visit of La Galera fortress.
Jeep Safari (FDPMV-5)
A Four wheel drive vehicle adventure combining the Margaritan desert (Peninsula de Macanao) with the tropical forest in the national park “Cerro El Copei” During the day we’ll fill our eyes with the magic and beauty of the Macanao’s Peninsula.

Starting from your hotel we will take the route to the Handicraft Center, after all jeeps get together the tour guides will give you a Briefing about the Excursion, go up hill on the way from la Asuncion (Political Capital of Nueva Esparta State) to the majestic “Sierra” when the “Cerro El Copei” National Park located as a silent watchful of the island of the island of the Pearl. Then we’ll start going down hill where we will enjoy a wonderful view of the Valley of the Holy Spirit the Religious capital of the state. We will continue west to the “Peninsula de Macanao”, along the way have the opportunity to see two little hills with the shape of a woman breast (“Maria Guevara’s Teats”). Also we will be able to notice how the vegetation changes and appreciate the cactus and the mountain that has the shape of an Indian face. We’ll stop to take a boat ride and enjoy the beauty of the canals formed by the Mangroves of the fantastic “Restinga Lagoon”. Then, we’ll visit the Marine Museum, located in Boca del Rio a small town. By now it will be lunch time, so we will stop to enjoy a delicious lunch in a big ranch in front of the beach. After lunch, we’ll start our journey to “Punta Arenas” beach where we’ll spend about one hour and you can play volleyball, racquetball or just relax and swim… Going back surrounding the order side of the Peninsula will enjoy our Jeep Massage a four wheel drive off road to get to a virgin beach “ La Carmela” Now, in the way to the sunset we’ll stop in Coco loco where you can taste the “Cocada” (optional), a drink made out of coconut milk and coconut meat blended with ice and sugar, it is delicious! Back to the hotel let us show you the sun kissing the sea to take the most beautiful Sunset view.

A silent wind invites us to the next adventure…
Horseback Safari (FDPMV-6)
Full day Tour combining a jeep safari with horseback riding. Includes; transfers, open bar with national drinks, visit the Cerro El Copey, take a boat ride and enjoy the beauty of the canals formed by the Mangroves of the fantastic “Restinga Lagoon”, 15 ms horseback riding. Lunch. Visit to Punta Arenas beach and the handicrafts center.
Horseback Exotic (FDPMV-7)
Full day Tour combining a jeep safari with horseback riding. Includes; transfers, open bar with national drinks, visit to the Tropical Labyrinth, The Valley of the Holy Spirit, La Auyama beach, 15 ms horseback riding. Lunch. Visit to Punta Arenas beach and the handicrafts center.
Coche Island (FDPMV-8)
The sails are hoisted and the day begins as you head for the neighboring island of Coche, with its mile of white sand beach and warm waters where you can relax and soak up the sun. Your attentive crew will serve you drinks throughout the day. A delicious home cooked lunch is served. Time to relax on the beach or take a stroll before your return journey to Margarita.

Included: Bus transfer (Hotel – Marina – Hotel ) Light breakfast: Coffee, juice and sandwiches Open bar (Local Drinks) A delicious lunch Chairs and hut on the beach. Snorkeling equipment
Los Roques (FDPMV-9)
45 min flight from Porlamar, to find the a fantastic and unique archipielago of Los Roques in the Caribbean Sea with 2300 square kms and its 340 coral Keys and islets islets protected by a 24 km long coral reef barrier, There is an important Biological Station available which shows crops of sea-turtles, lobsters and “botuto” (giant snail fishes).
Canaima (FDPMV-10)
Aprox. 90 min flight from Porlamar, the plane takes you to the Majestic National Park of Canaima as big as Switzerland. The Canaima Lagoon is ideal to rest and enjoy. On board our dugout canoes we’ll cruise through the lagoon, we’ll make an over flight of Angel Falls (the highest in the world) and a delicious buffet lunch will be served.
Diving at Farallon (PMV-BUC1)
For these not wishing to spend the whole day out or simply preffering a dive nearby. Includes; transfers, dive master, ship, equipment, 1 immersion.
Snorkeling (PMV-BUC2)
Enjoy the submarine life on this guided snorkeling excursion through cristal clear waters of the Caribbean. Includes; transfers, boat, light breakfast, drinks and snorkeling equipment.
Half Day Diving Course (PMV-BUC3)
Learn how to dive in half a day thanks to specialists in a course of theory, practice in a swimming pool and diving in the submarine world of El Farallón. Included; transfers, complet equipment, instructor, boat, 1 immersion.
Two Days Diving Course (PMV-BUC4)
1st Day: Theory and two hours diving lesson in pool.
2nd Day:
Whole day to Los Frailes island on board a comfortable yacht with all commodities, guided by a specialist. Two diving sessions. Includes; all transfers, 2 diving sessions, instruction, lunch and drinks.
Padi Course (3 days) (PMV-BUC5)
Includes; transfers, equipment, boat, instructor, 4 immersions
Delta & Canaima from Margarita (ODL-PKG
Day 01: Early in the morning departure from Porlamar airport. Arrival at Tucupita at 09:00 aproximately and transfer to Orinoco Delta Lodge. Check-in and lunch. In the afternoon departure for a walk through the jungle, boat ride to indian settlements and view of the sunset. Dinner and overnight at lodge.
Day 02: Breakfast and departure to Tucupita airport to take flight to Canaima. Overflight Angel Falls. Upon arrival at Canaima, boat ride Canaima Lagoon and walk to Sapo* Falls, Yuri* Falls or Mayupa* depending on the season. After lunch departure airport to take flight to Porlamar.

*Please check the description of this excursions in the Amazonia section under Canaima Title.

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