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Los Andes
Transfer Airport/Hotel (TRSINMRD)
Transfer Mérida/Frailes (TRSMRDFRA)

International standard of ground transportation service, with air-conditioned cars and coaches, bilingual and multilingual guides. 5-10 kms approx to Mérida city hotels,and 40-60 Kms to be hotels of the Páramo; approx 7-10 hours distance from Mérida to the Savannah. Meeting at the airport, greeting and transfer to hotel. Handling of luggage, reconfirmation of return ticket and handling of boarding pass before departure.
Half Day Tours
Historical (MRD-HIS)
Starts from your hotel at time agreed upon, sightseeing of the city visiting attractions of major interest as Los Chorros de Milla, the main market, the Handicrafts Gallery, the Cultural Center Tulio Febres Cordero, the Beethoven Park, the Town Center, the Colonial area, the Guinness record ice-cream shop, the Heroines Park, the Bullfights Ring, the Aquarium Garden.
Excursion to the Village of Jaji (MRD-JAJ)
It’s a beautiful little Andean Village that maintains its colonial architecture, an excellent sample being the church of Saint Michael and quaint little houses with their small cellars showing handicrafts of the whole region. It takes an hour ride to reach this village passing by the Chorrera de Los Gonzales (impressive water fall), the crosses, etc. From there, Jaji and across an arid zone, the village of Lagunillas in order to visit the Urao Lagoon. The return is made using the transandes road to enjoy the majesty of the Venezuelan Andes Mountains.
Excursion to the Páramo La Culata (MRD-CUL)
About half an hour from Mérida, through valleys, rivers, ever-changing landscapes, from deep green Eucalyptus to light mosses, typical plants from the moors. All alone the way, on the road side countrymen expose their handicrafts, flowers, marmalades, wood sculptures, cakes, paintings and other hand made home products.
Excursion to “los Aleros” (MRD-ALE)
For approximately half a hour, we drive along the peaks routes to find the magic world of Los Aleros Village. This place was built using old techniques of the last century to keep the flavor of the old settlements. Los Aleros is considered a living museum with its exhibitions of artifacts, constructions, vintage cars and dramatizing customs and habits.
The Cable Car Excursion (MRD-TEL)
The Cable Car system of Mérida is the highest and longest in the world. It crosses the Sierra Nevada National Park ending at Pico Espejo. Departure from your hotel to Barinitas cable car station. For the first of four stations ride with a total length of 12,5 km first section Barinitas to La Montaña station at 2436 m. 12 minutes ride to admire Mérida
and the Villages of Tabay, Ejido, etc. Second Section: from La Montaña to La Aguada station (3452 m). We are getting closer to the moors with the appearance of El Toro Peak (4756 mts). 12 min ride. Third Section: From La Aguada to Loma Redonda station (4045 m). We are now in the moors with its unique vegetation and species. We can now see Bolivar Peak (10 min ride). Fourth Section: From Loma Redonda to Pico Espejo (4765 m). The cable car has taken us to the roof of Venezuela, the world of eagles and condors. We are in front of the highest mountain in Venezuela Pico Bolívar with 5004 m. 14 min ride.
Excursion to “Venezuela of yesterday” (MRD-ANT)
Following the tradition of the village of Los Aleros the “Venezuela of Yesterday” village was created on the way to Jaji to represent all parts of Venezuela with their gastronomy, their particular dressing and folklore.
Full Day Tours
Excursion to Bailadores (MRD-BLD)
Leaving Mérida we find Ejido on the Chama river, lord of the lowlands of Mérida. Famous for its sugar cane and its sugar mills (we’ll visit one). We’ll also pass by Lagunillas, Chiguara, Estanques where we’ll visit the colonial chapel of El Rosario de Tunja (a National Monument). We’ll stop at Hacienda La Victoria, converted in a Museum of Coffee and Museum of the immigration. This is a ranch reconstructed as homage to the Andean architecture in 280 ha, conserving souvenirs and stories of old families in its corridors, balconies and rooms. We’ll enter then the Valley of Mocoties passing by Santa Cruz de Mora, Tovar and at last Bailadores to visit the Caru Indian Park with its spectacular cascade, the mill, the Museum and the Bolívar house.
Excursion to Mucuchies Páramo (MRD-MUC)
Across the breathtaking crests route, bordering the Chama river, we’ll pass by charming villages as Tabay, Cacute, Mucubají, etc. There the dense forest gives way to multicolored crops as in Mucuchies with its stone mills to process wheat or to move looms for the manufacturing of Virgin wool blankets. From San Rafael de Mucuchies, the most populated village at the highest altitude in Venezuela (3540 m). We’ll push to El Tisure, magic land of the master Juan Felix Sanchez. We’ll find then moderate climate vegetation and we’ll find apartaderos and its old Spaniards royal way. On the way to Santo Domingo we’ll visit the beautiful Mucubaji Lagoon, full of trouts, we’ll have lunch in a typical Andean restaurant. In the afternoon we came resume the excursion visiting the Black Lagoon (40 min of mules) or climbing (by car) to Eagle Peak, the highest pass in Venezuela to enjoy snowfalls in July or August .
Other attractions in Mérida
Parapente, Tandem, Horseback Riding, Trout Fishing, Birdwatching, Kayak and Rafting, Mountain Bike, Trekking, Escalade, WindAsurf.

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