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Transfer Airport/Hotel (TRSINCCS)
International standard of ground transportation service, air-conditioned cars and coaches, bilingual and multilingual guides. 32 Km distance apt-city, and same distance between apt-coast hotels.
Half Day Tour
Histórical (HDCCS-1A-1B)
A well planned tour of historical sites, ending with a Caracas sightseeing tour from the Avila hills. A visit to Simón Bolívar’s birth-place and museum, Cathedral and the Sacro museum, Concejo Municipal with a miniature museum of Caracas, Capitol (presently the National Deputies) Interesting epic paintings.
Contrasts (HDCCS-2A-2B)
You will enjoy the feeling of our old colonial times, inside Quinta Anauco museum, mixed with modern and Cosmopolitan character of.
Shopping (HDCCS-3A-3B)
Shopping in our biggest commercial areas, Tamanaco Center, Sabana Grande Boulevard, and Sambil Center.
Glass Factory (HDCCS-4A-4B)
Arte Murano Factory established more than 50 years ago by italian inmigrants, old fashioned style of handmake glass using blown artifacts.
Full Day Tours
Caracas City (FDCCS-5A-5B)
Combination of Historical & Contrast tours, with lunch in first class restaurant. An alternative to the historical tour is visit the outskirt’s Caracas charming village of “El Hatillo” and it best anthropological & folckloric museum-shop in Venezuela: the Hansi’s Museum.
Colonia Tovar Village (FDTOV-6A-6B)
The only German Colonial Village around the Caribbean Region. Founded in 1843 by 400 pioneers in a rain-forest area, at aprox. 2000 mts above sea level, at a distance of 60 Kms away from Caracas; inhabited now by approx. 6000 people. Visit to a local Museum, handycraft local shops, the village, and afterwards a nice lunch in a beautiful local restaurant.
Betania Virgin (FDBET-7A-7B)
New spot & destination for world-wide pilgrimages to Betania’s Virgin just 50 Kms away from Caracas. Since 1976 it has been privileged by many apparitions of the Virgin. The most important miracle is the “Bleeding of the Sacred Host” which occured during a mass celebration in 1991 and we’ll seen and worshipped at Los Teques Agustinian-Convent previous permission of the convent authority half-way between Caracas and Betania.
Los Roques Nat.Park (FDROQ-8A-8B)
45 min flight we behold a fantastic and unique archipielago 156 kms off shore, in the Caribbean Sea, with 2300 kms2 protected by a coral reef barrier, 24 kms long, consisting of approx.340 ciral Keys and islets. There is an important Biological Station available which shows crops of sea-turtles, lobsters and “botuto” giant snails.
Choroní & Pittier Nat.Park (FDCHO-9A-9B)
Choroní located on the mountainous coastal boundaries of Pittier National Park ( 107.800 hectares ) is a small fishermen’s village with a beautiful palm fringed beach and a paradise for birdwatchers and naturalists with a passion for orchids, bromeliae, heliconiae and the Cloudy and Rain Forests ecology in general. International Birdwatcher’s mandatory location. Botanist

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