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Puerto La Cruz

Hesperia Puerto La Cruz
Maremares is located at El Morro Tourist Complex, in Puerto La Cruz, the most recently developed area in the Caribbean, a few minutes away from Barcelona’s International Airport and close to the city’s shopping centers and night spots. Its grand swimming-pool, marina and golf course are harmoniously integrated to lavishly beautiful surroundings, in a unique Caribbean ambiance.
Services and Facilities
Its 500 deluxe suites with a view to the marina, the water channels and the golf course are just ideal for relaxation.
Convention facilities, congresses, incentive programs, workshops and social events up to 1200 pax-12 rooms.
Three restaurants, two bars where you can have a taste of international cuisine. 24 hours room service.
Giant 3.000 sp.meters swimming-pool with cascade, waves, hanging bride in a setting that can be both pleasant and thrilling, to meet everybody’s taste in the family.
Private marina with all the facilities, with a 50-boat capacity
Water sports and rides to the channels. International multi-purpose spa with modern conveniences: spinning, jacuzzy, aerobics, sauna, steam room and two racquetball courses in the premises.
9-hole golf course.
A center with recreational activities designed for children entertainment

Puerto La Cruz - Edo.Anzoátegui
Phone: 0281-2811011

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